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@apankrat: thanks for your reply :)
But it doesn´t work.

My file listing is as follows:

--- ---.bmx          <DIR>
SomeOtherDir    <DIR>

I set the filters as you wrote but it ignores the rule for the ".bmx" folder. For now I stick with it by entering the .bmx folder into the "location" field and let it exclude *.* of the content of the dir. I then just have an empty ".bmx" dir on my backup drive.

Could you show make a capture of the exclusion window and post it here ?

I have been using DSynchronize for over 2 years and just discovered Bvckup.

What I like :
- reliability (DSynchonize does only monitor changes but assumes all is already synchronized, which is not always true, and sometimes stopped to work without apparent reason)
- small cpu usage when syncing
- separated interval setting for each backuped place
- readability of the GUI

What I dislike :
- DSynchronize was able to start as a service (without GUI) and didn't use more than 2 or 3 MB of memory (about 100Go of data to monitor in numerous places) while Bvckup uses about 90-100MB to monitor the same places.

Very good work; if you could reduce memory usage, it would be near perfect.

Could you show make a capture of the exclusion window and post it here ?
-MerleOne (October 20, 2010, 04:15 AM)
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sure :)

sure :)
-andhar (October 20, 2010, 07:31 AM)
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Could you try entering also the locations, if possible ?


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