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Tuts+ free file of the month: Getting Good with Git ebook


Usually $10, Getting Good with Git is free for the month of October.

So, you want to learn about Git, the fast version control system? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this eBook (free for the month of October! Usually $10), I’ll be guiding you through the sometimes-confusing waters of using Git to manage your development projects. The eBook clocks in at a solid 104 pages.
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All you have to do is create an Envato account and you will have access to all the monthly freebies, on all 8 of their sites....and that's a lot of goodies for commercial use and learning!

Interesting.  I've been using Tortoise SVN.   Anyone used both, and can give a comparison?

Thanks for letting us know about this, app!

Kyrathaba: I've never used Git before, but after hearing Linus Torvalds speak about it, he definitely converted me from SVN to a distributed source control system. I've been using Mercurial, since Git isn't/wasn't really friendly towards Windows users.

For more information about Mercurial vs. Git, see this thread:

See specifically the second post in the thread, which talks about why Mercurial is preferred over Git by the author.


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