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Capture .NET Free v2 10.9.3935


Capture .NET Free v2 is an integrated, multi-functional, powerful and general-purpose System, Design, File, Desktop and Develop utility.

New Features(Ver 10.9.3935):
[*]Capture Window: Added Aero Glass capture with transparencies
[*]Capture Window: Added Capture Rounded corners
[*]Capture Window: Added Capture Non-Rectangular Shapes
[*]Capture Screen: Delayed Capture and Countdown Timer
[*]Capture Screen: Improved Capture Scrolling Window
[*]Capture Webpage: Improved Capture Webpage and URL
[*]Capture File: Improved YouTube Video and file download
[*]...and many improvements and bug fixes

Includes many helpful tools:
[*]Capture Screen
[*]Image Editor
[*]Capture Color
[*]Screen Clock
[*]Screen Calender
[*]Screen Reminder
[*]Screen Ruler
[*]Screen Pencil
[*]Screen Magnifier
[*]Backup Expert
[*]Quick Launch
[*]World Clock
[*]...and much more.
Supported Operating Systems: Win All (x86/x64)
All-In-One, Multlanguage, Full-custom, Simple and Standalone (no install).

Download: (684KB)
Homepage: Capture .NET Free v2 10.9.3935

Wow, you said "multi-functional" and you sure weren't kidding about that! Impressive number of tools packed into this Swiss Army knife utility. Just when I thought I'd seen all it had to offer, I would notice yet another interesting feature.

Very nice--congrats to you on this useful software. 8)


New Features(Ver 10.9.3942):
[*]Image Editor: Updated Drop shadow effect


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