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NANY 2011 Withdrawn: ProtoCards

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Mouser, myself and possibly a few others will be pledging for this year's NANY event. We will be writing a generic browser-based board/card game table system. We will be releasing more details concerning this project in the coming days/weeks. We plan to release our project for NANY and then ask YOU for as much feedback and participation as possible to help us prepare it for entering in this years 1st Ever Mozilla Gaming Labs Competition. The competition is located here: in case you have not had the chance to check it out.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Relevant Links: - I'll be blogging here about my experiences with the project if you want to stay up to date. - Post by Lashiec for Mozilla Labs Gaming

I'm really excited about this project -- it's been bouncing around my head for a couple of years and i'm anxious to take a whack at a first version.  I'm excited that carl (codebyter) has taken the bull by the horns and is running with it.

It's a big project and it remains to be seen how far we can really get with it by the deadline, but i really do want to see what a first prototype would look like and then re-evaluate from there.

Along with this tool/webservice I plan to release a set of python utilities and libraries that have been created to help advanced card/board game designers create and print custom cards and pieces.  If all goes well these utilities will interface with the card/board game engine to provide a single workflow for game designers to create game cards/pieces, prototype them on paper and on the computer, and then have publication quality printing done.  Note that these aren't nice gui utilities to help you lay individual card graphics one-by-one.  They are for more advanced game designers/experimenters who want to programmatically create, annotate, and and layout for printing sets of cards without having to do each one by hand.  They are useful if you want to dynamically create cards with different statistics, of different proportions, etc.

Do we get to see something soon?

Seems like ProtoCards is going to have to wait another year.. CodeByter got wrapped up in other work..

Perry Mowbray:
I've changed the title to Withdrawn: that's correct??


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