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Ludum Dare October Challenge


Ludum Dare is a tri-annual challenge to program a game (essentially from scratch) in 48 hours.
Ludum Dare Competition rules are stricter than the Jam rules. This is to encourage a fairer playing field for participants. The core rules are:

* You must work alone (solo).
* All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours. **
* Games must be based on the theme.
* All libraries, middleware, content creation, and development tools are allowed.
* Source code must be included.
Special Competition Exemptions **
* Base code and personal code libraries are allowed, but should be declared and shared with the community prior to beginning your entry. To do this, make a blog post.
* Photos and recordings you make of people or things are acceptable content, just you must acquire them during the competition.
* Fonts, drum loops, drum samples, and sampled instruments are allowed IF you have the legal right to use them.
* Content generators are allowed. In fact, you are encouraged to create them and share them with the community. sfxr, the extremely popular sound effect generator was originally created for Ludum Dare. It has since gone on to be used in many indie and commercial games.
* A logo/intro screen you use on all your works is allowed (e.g. “by Super-Great Productions”).
* By special request, post Ludum Dare 18, we will allow the use of the Wilhelm Scream, one of the oldest memes in television, movies and games. Sound files can be found on *NEW*
* Porting (especially to Windows) can happen after the initial 48 hours. The longer you wait though, the less of a chance other participants will have to play your game.
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There is also "The Jam" which is a more relaxed version of the Challenge.

In October, however, a friendly challenge from one member to the others in the IRC channel takes things to the next level. The goal is simple: Make a game, take it to market, and sell at least 1 copy by the end of October to succeed.

More details on the October challenge.

There were 24 entries in the October challenge, some of which have already had their first sale.

In fact, I purchased one of the games (Lottie's Dungeon AKA Sophie's Witch Game) a couple weeks ago and I didn't know it was in the challenge until today.


It's time once again for the October Challenge!

Make a game, take it to market, make $1. All within this month.

Disregard all the usual Ludum Dare rules (no restrictions). Finish any game you previously made during a game jam, something else you’ve been working on, or heck, something entirely new. Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to not only make something, but to finish it and do everything necessary to start earning money from it. That’s all. No specific rules or platforms. Make good on that goal or promise to start selling games.-
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It's that time again for the Ludum Dare October Challenge!

The purpose: Just as Ludum Dare encourages you to make a game, the October Challenge encourages you to sell a game. Or put another way:

Finish a game — Take it to market — Earn $1

That is your goal. That is the October Challenge.-
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