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Suggestion: Convert to long name


I love SPC and I was wondering if you could add an option:
1) Change a short-form entry to the long-form
2) Display the long form next to the short form as a comment. 

I find myself trying to figure out where a short entry points to so I can determine if it needs to be included. Right now, I have to copy the entry and paste it into Explorer in order to see the long name. 

Perhaps the "display as comment" (number 2 above) idea might be better.  You could also display the short form if the entry is in the long form.  That could give a person an idea how much length could be saved by converting to a short form.  The option on the right-click menu could change based on the current form of the entry.

Thanks for listening...

very good idea.. im going to message chr15 the author and make sure he sees your suggestion.  :up:


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