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how to create algorithm graphs

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yeah the new image is not a flowchart but a graph of data -- completely different tool needed for that.

oh i see
they resemble so much

curious now to see what the first image was lol

The current one is made by information is beautiful (
He may use other software along the way but the end product is presumably made by a vector graphics programme - I wouldnt be suprised if all that's used before that is a calculator (to scale the circles according to popularity). You're looking at top graphics there - that costs lots of time and talent, or lots of money.

You could always ask him directly what software he uses

I'm not trying to say you couldnt do this - I'm saying you could do this - but it will take time and creativity (or you could just copy other peoples ideas I guess)

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From memory  TeeChart Office can produce bubble charts similar to the one shown. It's free so could be worth a look.

teechart office isnt really meant to be a serious graphing program -- it's a demo for a (pretty powerful) developer library for adding graphing to applications you build.


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