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NANY 2011 Withdrawn: Dominion Rules Character Creator

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NANY 2011 Entry Information
Application Name Dominion Rules Character Creator / Game Utility

Removed from competition.  I have two other entries that I'm happier with; and this one needs a re-write.

Update to my NANY 2011 entry:

The project is nearing release.  I'm just putting the finishing touches on the HTML character sheet that the program builds from data input by the user.  There's room for a few polishing touches still to be made (splash screen, improved installer, etc.), but it should be fully functional for the NANY release.

I've added several additional screenshots in the preceding post.

not that i have use for this, but it does look fun to use  :Thmbsup:

I'm releasing my NANY 2011 submission (see attachment).  The directory structure should be maintained as it exists in the zip archive, although it doesn't matter what directory serves as the parent folder.  I've included a 20-page help PDF.  I'm under the impression from something I read somewhere that the event organizer(s) will package the app in an appropriate installer.  If not, I can provide a crude but serviceable InnoSetup file.

I used InfohesiveEP v to create the help file.  Basic functionality was fine, but it was abominably slow: interminable program hangs after pasting screenshots into the program from the Clipboard.  Sometimes waits for up to 2-3 minutes.  Geesh!
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Attachment removed from this post.  Download only using the link from the OP.

Has anyone put a game based around these rules into software? Sounds like something that Stephen66515 should direct his attentions to?

(Sorry to hijack the thread - just a passing thought)

If this were 20 years ago, I would be trying out the paper version of this game myself, and probably jumping all over this nice-looking software.  :Thmbsup:


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