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Civilization V


For anyone who is interested, I will be posting some thoughts on Civ V from the viewpoint of a new player later this week.

In a similar vein, I'd be happy to offer some viewpoints from a franchise addict ;), later this week.

Well, okay, let me just finish this turn.  Okay then, this game.  Okay maybe it'll be next month......

I've played, and loved, all but IV, just never got around to that last one. I've promised myself I'll get V after I meet a work deadline in early November.

In the mean time, I'd be eager to hear some peoples experiences with it :Thmbsup:

sounds great! i'm afraid i won't have the time for Civ 5 despite all the good stuff i keep hearing about this game.

First thoughts...

The game looks great.  Also, I really like the fact that I can work in my secondary monitor while the game is running in my primary monitor.  I am posting this, for example, while the game is up and running over there.  I can also look through the manual on this monitor as I play.

When going to Tutorials, there is an option called "Tutorial - Learn as you Play!"  This is supposed to be for players new to Civ.  I think someone new to Civ could easily find themselves getting lost here.  I have a general idea of how a turn based game works, so I was able to function and succeed there, but I personally know quite a few gamers who would have been lost.

There are separate tutorials for Movement and Exploration, Founding Cities, Improving Cities, Combat and Conquest, and Basic Diplomacy that should be suggested for players who are "new to Civ and new to turn-based games."  I am going to play through those before moving beyond the tutorial section.

Edit: Having completed a few of the specific tutorials so far, I really think they should have been suggested first over "Learn as you Play."  I am already figuring out quite a bit of the Civ mechanics.  The Improving Cities tutorials is especially useful.  Now on to Combat and Conquest.

More later....


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