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Response to Question: Can shareware be released in the NANY event?

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DC is very friendly to shareware authors -- we believe authors have a right to make money from their software.

But the ground rules we've always set for NANY is that programs released as part of the NANY event should be free, or free for personal use -- and of course asking for donations is more than fine.

This means that shareware applications are not appropriate as NANY entries (ditto for important-feature-limited lite versions of shareware whose intent is to be a kind of trial version).

It doesn't mean you aren't welcome to tell the forum about your product and be proud of it -- we're always happy to hear about software projects (freeware or commercial) from people who are part of the site.  BUT it does mean that such programs are not suitable for releasing under the NANY event.

At least that's my view.. if the community feels we should change that we could.  This year we have decided to not worry so much about whether entries are giant or small and have decided we will just try to categorize them clearly when the final list is presented.  So if the community wanted, we could allow new shareware applications as part of NANY and simply make very clear which applications fall into that category.  Another possibility would be if the authors of the new shareware program was willing to give all current DC members a free license..

What do you guys think?

I'd be open to the idea (but have no strong opinions either way)

as you suggest "give all current DC members a free license" - this would actually be very good advertising for any app, mind you they'd lose out on all the software junkies here...
something like a license for a year with upgrading pricing after that ?

I'd be mildly inclined to vote against shareware.
It doesn't feel to me to be in the spirit of DonationCoder.
Donating copies to members doesn't change that for me (as it excludes everyone else).

I also have no strong opinions one way or the other, but I would ask the forum what they think about having both a free version for NANY and a shareware "pro" version as well.

as a developer, my proposition is 1 year free license, which I'll share with community...
for me it really look like freeware, but I frankly state, what the program is shareware with use time limit.
As I know sometimes developers use freeware as advertising and next convert to shareware - so not a big difference here.
so I frankly state, what others think about...

free license for a year with upgrading pricing after that. -> That is my proposition, so
it is intresting to know what other developers think about...

moreover, about my software, currently I want to get good feedback, but I do not sure what I can provide stable version to the time...
so currently I just want to start discussion with DC community to know a view point about the idea...


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