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Wuala. Anyone here using it?


I'm torn about Wuala.

Anyone here using it?
Great idea, one can get space on the cloud in exchange for space on your HD.
They recently introduced sync, so it's a direct competitor to Dropbox.
However, for the life of me I don't understand how sync works (if it does). I never see what's going on, why things are not parallel when they should, why some folder have the red cross instead of the green 'ok' sign... basically, what it does is obscure to me.

If anyone could explain it here, I'd be grateful. I asked in their forums, but nothing came out after 2 days.

I am using it to do quick backups of a few files .

I have traded them 10 gig from  my winxp partition for more space.

I am not using sync tho

That video on their homepage was terrible. :-\


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