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A warm welcome to our new members from and Infopackets!


a very very warm welcome to all of you who found us through bob's fantastic ShellCity.Net site or Infopackets newsletter.

shell city has been one of my fav sites listing software for a long time - bob always finds new cool utilities that you never hear about anywhere else, and his archive is a treasure trove.

welcome welcome, make yourself at home.

and for our visitors here who don't know about the shell city site, or bob's infopackets newsletter, what are you waiting for?! start clicking!

It's true; I found your apps through Shell Extension City. I agree that site is Ace...

Ann Elm:
I like Infopackets!! I get there newsletter!!  :up:

Yep, ShellCity sent me here.  A good thing, too. :)

Ann Elm:
Speaking of Shell City....Can I have XP Gamer run all of the time. It is a fantastic program. I use it for my Keyhole program!!
I know this is in the wrong place but I thought I would try. :)


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