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I have just recently come across a free VPN service called VPN Steel. You may find more info and get an account by going to There's also a forum for it at

I stopped after signing up was a requirement. :( Dunno. It might be fantastic stuff, but the site looks a bit dodgy and confusing. Not sure what the free 1 Mbps is. Service? Sounds like a proxy.

1. Signing up is the only way to get an account for the VPN server and the forum.
2. The "free 1 Mbps (Megabytes per second)" is the speed that the VPN server goes at. So, if you're connection can normally go to 10-12 mb/s (Megabits per second) then it'll go that fast when connected to the VPN.
3. Its dodgy looking because English isn't the admin's native language.

Ok. I get it now. I originally thought it was a VPN that you installed on your server and your client (PC).

1Mbps is megabit/s, not megabyte/sec... so pretty slow (impressive for a free service, though).

But would I run through a free VPN with a website that looks a bit dodgy? Ummm... no. Single point of data sniffing, ohwauw.


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