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NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

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Website Service Short Description Collaborative management of quotes/reviews about your products Official Discussion Section Authors mouser and JavaJones

The idea of the website is to let one or more people in a group manage a collection of quotes from users, links to online reviews, email testimonials, and feedback comments.

Many websites keep a collection of links to reviews, awards, email comments, etc. that praise their products.  Typically this list is created by hand and placed in a box on a website somewhere, with a heading something like "What people say about us"  or "Awards we have won."

But there are problems with maintaining such a list by hand and was designed to solve these problems.


* Allows collective management of quotes/reviews/awards, so a *team* of people can add and manage items together.
* Allows anonymous users to submit feedback form or add new items, but these items are not made public until the team appoves them; gives you control over what items are shown.
* Site automatically fetches screenshot grabs of web pages (with reviews, etc.) and makes a thumbnail image of the web page (or directly of an award graphic).
* In addition to reduced size thumbnails, the site will also grab a FULL image of the entire webpage and a text version of the webpage.  If the review page *ever* goes offline, users can still read the cached original.
* Tags let you organize sets of quotes into logical groups and present them to users.  So a team can manager a collection of quotes about multiple projects, and you can choose different subsets of these to show on different pages.
* You can embed random quote boxes in different styles and themes on your own site's pages.  Or just send people to the page to browse.
NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

Known Issues is currently in a *VERY* ROUGH BETA state.  Don't expect to be able to use this for your real projects yet.  Most features work well, but some final finishing touches are really in rough shape which will make it hard to actually deploy for real yet.  But we are working on it, so stay tuned.

Sign me up please - I would love to give this thing a try. :Thmbsup:

Ultimately the idea is for UQ to provide the following functionality:

* Allow a *team* of people to maintain a set of quotes/reviewlinks for a product, organization, group of products
* Show random quotes in sidebars, etc. embedded on other main product pages.
* Show full pages of quotes for browsing on their own dedicated page.
* Allow anonymous users to submit comments or links to reviews, that can be approved by managers for inclusion in the quote set.
When a link to a remote website is added, as in the case of a found web review, the UQ service a screenshot and thumbnails it (at varying sizes), and also takes a snapshot of the ENTIRE page at full size, along with grabbing the raw html; this is so that if the review ever goes offline it's still available.  When dealing with email or other entries that don't have web pages, one can choose from a variety of clipart to represent the item.

Some teaser images, still looking pretty damn rough:

Sidebar box with some thumbnails (thumbnail size is one of many options when embedding):
NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

Showing a full page of items, one has been clicked on to read full details in popup:
NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

Another full page with larger thumbnails (in this "theme" the page will automatically decide how many columns can fit on the screen):
NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

A minimalistic embedded list of quotes without thumbnails:
NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

The idea is to eventually have lots of different themes you can choose to display the quotes/reviewlinks.

 Tons more features to add and tons of details to attend to.

New image of detailed quote popup using the excellent HighSlide javascript library:
NANY 2011 Release: Web Service

Super stuff, guys!


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