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how do I remove an entire context menu?


Having tried this and that program, I now have two context menus for music files folders! They shift turns, to display, but not consistent. [Edited: They don't show at the same time] One is the one I want, the other is missing Windows Media Player, among other things:

how do I remove an entire context menu?how do I remove an entire context menu?

How do I remove the "wrong" menu, without destroying the proper one?
32-bits Vista.

hmm... looking with 'new eyes', I think one is for picture files and the other one for music files. Yeah, that must be the problem. Hmm... this is the music directory; the folders already are marked as containing audio files. Obviously this feature is not all stable! Can it be made stable?

I recommend using NIRSOFT's shell exchange view and shell menu view to maintain your basic context menu.
One handles actual context menu commands while the other manages shell extensions/DLL entries.

With them you can enable/disable  entries and control where/when they appear and whether they appear on the regular menu or the enhanced shift menu only.

I try to disable those I don't use or at the least make them only appear when I use the shift key ... the second is a very handy feature to use.

Curt, please let us know if you figured out this weird issue with multiple context menus.

I have also used Nirsoft's ShellExView and ShellMenuView to nuke unwanted entries, but I've never experienced what you've described here. Very strange. :o

Programs like FilerFrog will allow you to organize/consolidate context menus entries. But it seems you need more than this. :-\

I have "decided" that the problem not is caused by the context menus themselves, but by the combination of many audio files and CD cover photos.  Explorer is then not 'sure' / have forgotten if the folder should display as a picture holding or music holding -folder. Hence the two different menus from a slightly unstable Vista Explorer.

Plausible?  :tellme:


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