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What's Your Internet Speed/Reliability SATISFACTION?

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So then does  MY ISP speed only count from my ISP's  server to me .  The rest is just dumb luck. ?-ljbirns (September 07, 2010, 01:52 PM)
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Not exactly dumb luck, but yeah :) - there's no way your ISP can guarantee you'll get full bandwidth utilization to a remote server; the server might not be on a link that's fast enough, there might be traffic congestion, or you may be running through a slow route.

Well, at least I'm happy with Cox cable. BTW  I had FIOS when I lived in NY and it was VG, ( upgraded from DSL ) but I don't remember it as being any better than the cable I have now.

Well, at least I'm happy with Cox cable. BTW  I had FIOS when I lived in NY and it was VG, ( upgraded from DSL ) but I don't remember it as being any better than the cable I have now.
-ljbirns (September 07, 2010, 03:21 PM)
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Yeah, cox is great.  I think the only significant difference you would see is the upload speed.  FIOS should have more than Cox.

Line is mostly stable, but if I really maxx it out it sometimes dies, and I have to power-cycle my modem (and I have to wait a few minutes before turning back on, or it doesn't connect). Not sure exactly why it happens, but it's mostly if there's high bandwidth usage and a lot of connections - I suspect it's more a matter of unstable firmware than the raw copper not being good enough quality.-f0dder (September 06, 2010, 01:25 PM)
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Yes. Many modem+router combos get into big troubles when the NAT tables max out.

This is with a 20/1 ADSL2+ connection. But I'm pretty happy, because I'm very far from the DSLAM. Some months ago I had to try a bunch a different modem+router, with various ADSL chipset, to find one that actually could mantain this speed in a reliable way. Manually altering the signal to noise ratio I can get another Mb or so, but sometimes it became less reliable.

I have been nothing but happy with my service.  Rock solid, FAST, polite and knowledgeable LOCAL support.  I pay $59 for 10/1.5, and even with all the college kids in town, during prime time, I still get almost 100% of my rated speed.  It has been this way since I first got broadband cable in 1999.  We bought our house in 2007 in a small town 45 minutes from where I first got cable, and the connection stayed the same.

I have cable, phone, all movie channels, and a PVR through them for a total of $180 a month.  Not the fastest connection nor the least expensive, but I would rather have a solid, reliable connection with good support and pay a little extra.

-y0himba (September 07, 2010, 07:47 AM)
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A few extra dollars is worth it.

Problem is, a lot of the time you really have no idea what the actual quality of an ISP is, and by the time you've found out, you're already locked into a multiple-year contract. Unpleasant.

So when shelling out for a more expensive plan, unless you already know the ISP & quality, it's a gamble.

$180 is pretty high though. I suppose the phone and movie channels though make it much more reasonable. $50 for movies and $50 for phone? $80 for reliable broadband? Doesn't sound bad at all.

I remember years ago when Korea Telecom's broadband was total garbage. That's changed though. They're extremely good now. (They bought enough equipment for an entire country, and ended up buying from all different vendors because nobody could supply them with enough. As such, mismatches caused problems for them at the start.)

@app103 - Yuck. Sorry to hear that.


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