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What's Your Internet Speed/Reliability SATISFACTION?

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The speedtest differs a little bit from server to server, but the dl/ul-rate ist rather stable. The best ping was about 20ms till now.
I also have IPTV and think the settopbox reserves a lot of bandwith that can record 4 streams in parallel while watching a 5th.
A look into my modem-settings shows the maximum rates:
DSL Downstream: 51392 kBit/s
DSL Upstream:     10004 kBit/s
Perhaps it gets faster when I switch off the STB?

Speed to Toronto:

Dallas (where my main server is):

To Seoul:

It's actually been pretty good today. Yesterday was Hell.

I have been nothing but happy with my service.  Rock solid, FAST, polite and knowledgeable LOCAL support.  I pay $59 for 10/1.5, and even with all the college kids in town, during prime time, I still get almost 100% of my rated speed.  It has been this way since I first got broadband cable in 1999.  We bought our house in 2007 in a small town 45 minutes from where I first got cable, and the connection stayed the same.

I have cable, phone, all movie channels, and a PVR through them for a total of $180 a month.  Not the fastest connection nor the least expensive, but I would rather have a solid, reliable connection with good support and pay a little extra.

Yesterday afternoon on Speedtest I recorded 12.82/2.13, this morning it's 19.93/2.13

This with Charter.

Carol Haynes:
OK - I'll bite too:

Urealistic test ('cos 50 miles is pretty pointless on the net):

Manchester UK

More realistic:

San Jose California


Perth, Australia
(using the appropriately named Server FastHit!!)


Toronto, Canada

Strange that Vancover is quicker to the UK than Toronto:

My main gripe is that upload speeds are totally pants - and there don't seem to be any UK providers that do better (unless someone can point me at one).


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