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What's Your Internet Speed/Reliability SATISFACTION?

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You know what I would pay $100 or more a month for?  Internet access at FIOS speeds, and also a little portable hotspot device (like Sprint has now) which I can take with me wherever I go to get 3g/4G speeds for a laptop/phone.  If those two services could be bundled just like that (nothing else), I'd pay $100+ for it.

There has to be something wrong with these tests.  Here are two from two different servers in GB.  Must have more to do with the servers than with my ISP.

ljbirns: the speed you get to test servers will vary depending on a lot of factors - generally, if hosted in a datacenter, a speedtest server will only be allocated "excess" bandwidth; if there's some heavy paid-for traffic going on, test-bandwidth will be down-prioritized. Also, there could be routing/peering concerns between ISPs.


So then does  MY ISP speed only count from my ISP's  server to me .  The rest is just dumb luck. ?


That is showing just slightly under the speeds I am paying for.

But it doesn't matter what that speed is, since I can't stay connected long enough to enjoy it. Anyone that has spent any decent amount of time in the DC IRC channel can tell you that my connection is highly unstable, worse than the worst dialup.

This is what I got when I told my ISP I was willing to pay for more bandwidth and upgraded my account from 768/128 to the next level. No matter how many times I call them to complain about the issue, they always say the same thing: Sorry, our fault, the problem is on our end, we'll fix it. Then I get a phone call 3 days later with a voice recording saying they fixed it, and they really didn't. I call back and complain, and they say the same thing again. It doesn't matter how many times I call, it's always the same. This has been going on for the last 2 years. I have basically given up trying to get them to fix the issue.

The way I see it these are my only options:

* pay more and upgrade to fios
* pay more and switch to cable
* downgrade back to 768/128
* deal with it, use a download manager like I used to on dialup, and try not to lose my mind
I am not willing to downgrade and watch youtube vids buffer all the time, I can't afford fios or cable (landlord won't give permission for fios any way), so the last option is about the only thing I can do at this point.  :(


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