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What's Your Internet Speed/Reliability SATISFACTION?

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Sigh... I'm getting less than 1 digit of DL speed in kbps...

So, how does your connection stack up?

25Down 10Up FIOS. Loving it!

Im over at my friend's house right now, and he gets
1.50 down
0.27 up
...It is AWESOME!!! (end sarcasm)

I forget exactly what I get back at my house. I know it is a lot better though.

Very good thanks cable fiber internet seems to be a lot more reliable than adsl.

20/2mbit ADSL2+, which is somewhat more than adequate :). I pay about $60/mo for this line, which I find to be expensive, but it's normal price here in .dk.

Line is mostly stable, but if I really maxx it out it sometimes dies, and I have to power-cycle my modem (and I have to wait a few minutes before turning back on, or it doesn't connect). Not sure exactly why it happens, but it's mostly if there's high bandwidth usage and a lot of connections - I suspect it's more a matter of unstable firmware than the raw copper not being good enough quality.

I'm tempted to move to another service provider that does VDSL and can offer me 30/2 + IP telephony for the same price as my current subscription. Wish I could get FIOS... there's craploads and more craploads right out there in the road, and a large hosting facility right across the street. But can I get my hands on it, as a regular guy living in an apartment? Nope.


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