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Display problem

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I have had the same problem as daveweston, unable to display text.
When "control A" is selected everything displays fine,
but I am still unable to change font.
It stays at background -red,  Text -red

this is really strange -- it has to be something with the font color..
maybe when you are changing the font color the text isn't selected?


* Hit ctrl+A to select all
* Then click the button above with the letter A underlined in red and change the color.
To change background color, go to the Paragraph menu, and choose "Paragraph Background Color"

Hi Mouser

Thanks for your response

All I am trying to do is convert a small text file to jpeg.

I copy and paste the file onto the screen. All works fine.
Then I press control "A"  all selected, everything on the screen responds instantly when I use all the modes apart from
Text and background they remain red.
Could you go through the easiest procedure to achieve my jpeg file

Thanks buddy

if you want to email me the text i can try to convert it for you ([email protected]), but it sounds like you are doing things right.. i'm confused as to why it's refusing to change the colors for you.. anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks Mouser

I have messed about a bit, and have been able to do what I wanted.

Thanks for your help


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