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Open Menu Wordpress Plugin

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The official Open Menu Wordpress plugin has been released.  This plugin allows you to easily integrate an Open Menu Format menu into your Wordpress site.  This was my first venture into plugin development for Wordpress.  Lots of work was spent on best-practice integration.


* Open Menu Post Types
* Widgets for specials, restaurant location and a cuisine tag cloud
* Powerful [openmenu] shortcode lets you insert a menu in any page or post
* Options to control how the menu renders
* Site-wide settings to ensure your menu fits into any theme
Like everything Open Menu we thrive on feedback.


Great Work!

Nice job!

Strange: doesn't work for me in Chrome. It does work, however, if I prepend it with www. Firefox seems to add the www automatically.

But it doesn't look pretty (in Chrome or Firefox). Something's wrong with the stylesheet and some images. I'm guessing it's because the link to the stylesheet doesn't contain the www.

Open Menu Wordpress Plugin

EDIT: IE doesn't like it without the www either, but at least it loads the stylesheet properly!

I just checked in Chrome/Firefox and it loads and renders as expected.  Anyone else see an issue?

Looks normal for me here. - And works with or without www for me


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