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Are there any Android developers here? Wanna write a media player?


Howdy y'all, long time no see...

I would pay good money for an awesome MP3 player program for Android. There's one feature that I cannot find anywhere: song rating support. I want to be able to rate all my music using the somewhat standard one through five star rating system available on most music management programs (Media Monkey, J. River Media Center, Winamp, WMP, etc.) and some dedicated PMPs (Sandisk Sansa Fuze, most iPods (I think), the Creative Zen line, and the Archos players too (I think)).

Anyone out there have the know-how and ambition to create a killer MP3 (and other formats I guess) player app?

I would be willing to pay a somewhat large amount of money to get the ball rolling on this project, if that would help. Of course, I don't want to waste money, so I'll need to be convinced that whoever I give it to will actually deliver (or attempt to deliver) what I want.

The best media player I can find is called Meridian. It has some semblance of a star rating system already, except as far as I can tell the ratings do not sync with any other programs.

I do plan on getting to Android development eventually, but the media player I had planned would not likely be what you're looking for. Still, I'm a bit surprised to hear all that. I figured WinAmp or someone would make a decent mobile version.

You'd think so right?

I often think about how modern media players lack many features Winamp had by version 1.5* or so... A program which is something like 10 years old!

* I don't remember the exact version I've actually looked up, but even if it's version 3.0 it's still unacceptable, IMO.

What about DoubleTwist? Granted it does more than you might want as far as PC syncing, photo management, and whatnot, but it's a pretty decent (albeit simple) media player generally speaking, and it does do ratings on the 5 star scale. I just tested it and you can rate on the phone and sync back to the PC as well. :)

- Oshyan


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