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Trying to create an external enclosure I can slip a bare HDD into.

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On a related note, I recently purchased the Coolmax 3.5" HDD external enclosure, and have been using it in conjunction with Microsoft SyncToy to backup my laptop. 

Inexpensive, and works great.

But I'm getting ready to get a new desktop PC and I'm glad I read this thread.  I think having a hot-swappable bay for hard drives is the way to go.  Will definitely keep this in mind! 

Or if you're only interested in being able to quickly swap HDDs and you don't care about other things (Optical Drives), you can get a "Toaster."
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-Deozaan (September 16, 2010, 05:41 PM)
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I have a couple of the ones pictured, one with eSata, and they work REALLY well. So well that I haven't had any problem with the drives over heating due to being plugged in and powered up all the time. Can't say the same for a traditional enclosure (I've had plenty of those drives fail, I think, due to poor air circulation).


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