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Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

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We had a 2-person board game convention this week :)

About a year ago I made a new friend in my town (Champaign, IL) who has similar tastes and appetite as me in cooperative board games, and most importantly a compatible disposition, and we have been playing a lot of cooperative board games together.

After about a year we decided to host our own 2-person "convention" this week.  3 days of gaming at our local game shop.

All of our friends and the people at the board game store were confused, startled, and then got a chuckle out of our badges and shirts, when they realized it was just the 2 of us "attending" the convention ;)
And we got inquiries from people who want to be part of it next year :)

I highly recommend the idea for anyone who wants to create a fun little event for their friends or family.



We play 15 hours the first day, 9 hours the next, and then 14 hours on the last day.  How's that for commitment ? :)

We played some old favorites, but spent most of our time on a new game that we'd both been looking forward to playing for a year.

Games played: Pandemic Fall of Rome (not our favorite pandemic but interesting), Cahoots (small coop filler), Orleans w/ Invasion co-op expansion (super cool Euro deck builder), Chronicles of Crime (app-driven detective game I have written about in this thread before, one of our favorites).

The game we played the most of (18 hours?) was 7th Continent, a massive, amazing adventure/exploration game.

It's a co-op/solo board game, heavy on exploration, with lots of story, very long duration scenarios that you are meant to play over the course of 6+ hours, split into different sessions.  It was a kickstarter exclusive but they are going to release a version to retail soon that is much more affordable.  It feels like an open world and is the most thematic adventuring/exploring games I've ever played.  It's difficult, and has some real gaminess/strategy to it, so I would only really recommend it to serious players who can commit the time to it, but wow is it good.

That's a really cool idea!  We did something similar at one point, but didn't have the cool props!

Care to explain the catchphrase "show her the negatives"?

It's sort of an embarrassing/off-color inside joke.  In chronicles of crime, one of our real favorite new board games, you basically spend the game gathering evidence and asking people about it, and trying to solve a mystery.  In one mission we found some compromising photographic negatives of a model, which explained one of the motives for a murder.  While playing we got into the habit of showing everyone the negatives just to see what they would say.  We got some very entertaining responses -- with some people even kicking us out and not talking to us anymore, etc.  I'm not proud of what we did in that game, but we did solve the mystery and it led to some funny moments...

The "people" you showed the negatives to weren't actual people, right? They were just AI/NPCs? And there weren't any actual compromising negatives, right? They were just kind of a conceptual/abstract thing you could use as part of the game?

If that's the case, then IMO you don't need to be embarrassed/ashamed by it, and it does sound like the kind of thing that would lead to a fun(ny) inside joke. ;D


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