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Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

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So, I see that you have to keep track of stuff- permanently.  Is that the case?  Or did you find a way around that?
--- End quote ---

It's absolutely the case.  you add stickers to the board and to cards, you write on cards, you tear up cards, etc.

I embraced it and didn't want to find a way around it.  We played it 18 times, running 60-90 minutes per game.  That's plenty of entertainment for me for $55.  No need to find a way around it.

In fact I would say that a huge part of the enjoyment of this game is how weighty every decision feels because you know there is no turning back.  Consequences are permanent.

So I'd guess that you want to be careful who you play with.  I mean, I've played big box games with people that I've regretted it, because you end up getting things all set up, and they get bored with it.  That would be catastrophic with a game like this.

Yes that is definitely true.. You'll want to find someone who you are not only compatible with, but who will be able to play 12-24 games with you.
The rules suggest you play a practice game if you have never played the normal Pandemic game, which involves no marking up of anything.  So my suggestion is play that, and figure out if you have found your partner(s), and only play the real thing once you have.

[edit] not sure does this even qualify as a 'board game' but here it is anyways [/edit]

nothing really to do with (spy) theme -- it's a word game.

a bunch of word cards are displayed on the table.
There's two or more teams, each with a 'spymaster'.
With two team, (almost) half the word cards belong to each team. Only the spymaster knows which cards -- they have to give their team clues, if their team correctly guesses the related words, the cards are covered/marked with the team colour.

It took us a round or two before we got into the game -- and into the way of thinking of the spymaster. It was very enjoyable -- our spymaster was pretty adventerous at times with the clues which made it interesting. Note: one clue can be used for multiple cards. (Spymaster states how many cards.)

Playing in German was helpful: you can string words together to make new words. (We didnt inspect the rules too closely to see if this allowed.)

The spymaster's view with three teams playing:

Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

(whoever guesses the dark card by mistake loses instantly)

image from this review:

Codenames is a GREAT GREAT ingenious game.  Super easy to teach, playable with family, friends, etc.  Women really like it.  (not great for very young kids).
Highly recommended.

They are coming out with a new spin-off called Codenames: Pictures that uses pictures instead of words, but the consensus seems to be that the original is better seems like some people prefer the original and some prefer pictures.


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