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Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

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I agree with everything that Mouser said! Settlers has a big reputation, but doesn't do it for me.

Keep looking though and you will find some modern boardgames that do suit you, and your playing group, then you'll be hooked!

@Mouser @Ampa - Thx. Thought it might just be me.

OK. This game wasn't exactly cheap so I'd hate to see it just sitting on a shelf gathering dust. If there's any DC member (with a mailing address in the USA) that would like a free, only used once copy of The Settlers of Catan sent to you postpaid via U.S. snail mail, PM me where to ship it - and it's yours. My treat.  UPDATE: We had a taker. It's been shipped. Enjoy!

My copy has slightly different box graphics than the one pictured above. It might be an earlier edition, although I only bought it about 6 months ago. It's published by Mayfaire Games Inc. (ISBN 1-56905-091-0).

Here's what mine looks like:

Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective

The game mechanics are not that great and that is likely the reason why you don't like it.

What made the game fun for me was always the "social" trading of goods/resources between players which allows you to try reading their tactics and reveal your own as much as possible. But that requires good other players as well...never found those after losing touch with the playing group I was part of when moving to South America.

The only kind of board game that people (in my age/social range) play here is when it shown in a computer screen. Which is a shame as I spent many afternoon/evening playing board and table-top games and loving that. But now it is reduced to an occasional game of chess during a brown-out/power failure.


for those of you BoardGameGeeks i have a suggestion.

I am a long time member of (BoardGamesWorld).

BSW is a site where you can play online and FREE many original boardgames. From Settlers of Catan, over Pandemic to Dogz and whatnot. All the games are licensed with the original publishers and so they look relatively genuine (original graphics, gameplay and rules). The publishers count the BSW as a kind of advertisement for their games. And it worked for me. When i joined the BSW i played Pandemic the first time. I loved it so much that i purchased the game as a board game -> DANG! Money for the publisher via BSW. :)

In BSW there is a Metagame that is organized in a kind of "World" with towns and Guilds and Ranks/Levels. So you can go from town to town where games in "houses of the town" are offered to play. Lounges and shouts makes it easy to find opponents. Also there are a lot of people around all the day and 24/7. At the time i write this post 1200+ players were online.

Regular tournaments and events completes the scenario. The Metagame is a nice addon, but not the main thing. If you register you can get a citizen of a town and play for this town in tournaments and earn money for the town (that is needed to purchase food, pay tax and whatnot). Or you just enter, wade to the game you want, play some matches and walk away again. It's at your will.

Oh and did i mentioned its completely FREE. You even don't need to register. You can play as Guest. But then you miss a lot of fun of rankings and levels. But even if you register, i never got a single email from them, except the register/welcome one.

Don't be afraid that this is a german page and the homepage is all german. There are a lot of foreign (non german) members there and english spoken is BSW-wide from a lot of persons there. There are even founded towns in the BSW-Metagame with english speaking or regional persons (e.g. London for British people or Istanbul for Turkish).

E.g. there is a special forum board for english only at: BSW English Forum

So maybe we meet you some times in the world of BSW. My nickname (What do you think? Surprise, Surprise!) is of course not JoTo. :) Was already taken. I am Lukullus there.

Hope this suggestion is valuable for someone.


For those who have tried Settlers and didnt like it, have you tried the Cities and Knights expansion?  I think it adds a LOT of interesting gameplay/tactics into the original.  I dont like playing the original anymore as it's way too simple. 

As mouser said, everyone has their own taste so I'm not saying Cities and Knights will make Settlers appeal to those who dont like the original version, but it's worth a shot!


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