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DONE: Edit a txt file gui

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I have this litle gui that I want to grab some links out of a txt file they are like this in the file:
So anyways I want to have each link go into each editbox 7 of them.
Then edit the urls in the editboxs and have the save button save it back to the url.txt file.
So I can change the url links in the txt file.
Been trying this but I suck at this coding. lol

--- ---;;fill from url.txt
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y62 w100 h30 , Link 1
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y97 w100 h20 , Link 2
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y137 w100 h20, Link 3
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y177 w100 h20, Link 4
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y217 w100 h20, Link 5
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y257 w100 h20, Link 7
Gui, Add, Text, x130 y297 w100 h20, Link 8

Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y57 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y97 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y137 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y177 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y217 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y257 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y297 w250 h30,
Gui, Add, Button, x50 y337 w100 h30, Save
Gui, Add, Text, x196 y7 w140 h30,Link Editor
Gui, Show, x249 y99 h388 w452, Link Editor

Anyone feel like helping me code this.
Thanks for the help

Hello Candle, wellcome to the donationcoder!
I couldn't understand a one thing about the program you're requesting:
Do you want to edit the links, and then replace them on the url.txt file? In the same places they were before?
Or can the txt file be truncated (deleted) and then, all the links be added to it again?

Each line would be change from what is entered  in the editbox.
I want to use the gui to edit the url's in the  txt file . so they would be replace with the new url that is enter in anyone of the Gui, Add, Edit, x166 y57 w250 h30,
Get what I mean?
Oh ya using autohotkey

I think i got what you were referring to.
Are the urls one per line?
If not, they have one space before and after them, don't they?
Can there be more then one url in the file containing ""?

There will only be one per line and none will be the same.
7 lines total.
Thank you for your help


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