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UNFINISHED: Change screen brightness w/ hotkey



is it possible to change a laptop's LCD brightness using F2 and F3?

I tried using autohotkey (see, but the code given is complex.

Can someone give some clarification?


P.S. Checked out DimScreen, but that doesn't actually change screen brightness, so battery life doesn't change.

what sort of laptop is it (mine has that functionality built in)

It does that have built in, but the software that it requires brings on too much baggage :(

What OS are you running?

have you tried using the built in function without installing the software? On my laptop(dell) I don't have the software installed when I was using windows, and the function still worked, and it also works in ubuntu which is what I use now. My mom's laptop (toshiba) also works in windows without any special software.


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