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UNFINISHED: Copy and Paste from a txt file to a directory

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Here is my ongoing dilemma that I have been trying to fix but due to the nuances of windows and it's interaction with hardware it does not seem to stay fixed long.

I have a MP3 player that will work as a USB device or a Portable Media Player in My Computer.
If I make it look like a USB device, it transfer data at a snails pace. I have not been able to find out why or update firmware and see if that will help. The device is no longer supported by the manufacture but works great and keeps a charge forever.

If I make it look like a Portable Media device, the transfer rates are acceptable.

I have tried all kinds of programs to bulk transfer the files without success. Even the wonderful filebucket! None will see the device when it is in Portable Media Mode. I want the files in a particular order because the order they are transferred will dictate the order they are played.

So my newest idea is to copy a list of the files I want copied to a text file and then read them one by one to be copied to the device using windows copy program.




Now I would like to copy all the files to "My Computer\Insignia KIX\Fixed storage" This could also be the only other opened window.

The trick here is to have the program recognize the media player. All the programs I have tried will not recognize the media player in this configuration. Some will let me find the directory in the program but do nothing when running the program.

Any input is always welcomed. Thanks!

A question that potential coders might want answered: Can you copy files to your device in windows explorer?

A question that potential coders might want answered: Can you copy files to your device in windows explorer?
-SleepingWolf (August 31, 2010, 08:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

Yes. That is the only way and only program (windows copy) that I have found that will copy the files (other than third party programs ie WinAmp that treat it as a USB drive and therefore very slow). If I copy and paste the files all together, they are NOT copied in sequential order and that is the problem.

I'm sorry you've had no other responses. Have you tried a simple batch file? I would guess the following...

1) If any file is transferred then they all will

2) A sufficiently long 'pause' command between each copy command might ensure that no one file is copied over before its predecessor (which might mess up your ordering.

3) If such a batch file works then a similar autoIT /autohotkey script could be attempted that could scale up/ down the 'pause's according to the size of the files being copied.
copy c:\letter.txt c:\document

So try a simple batch file for one file and then scale up for lots... and keep us posted.

Just to clarify, you can copy files from a command prompt?

So when you type at a command prompt:

       copy "c:\a\1.mp3" "My Computer\Insignia KIX\Fixed storage"

you get a copy of 1.mp3 in the Fixed Storage folder?

If that's so, then Sleeping Wolf's approach would be a way to go.


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