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iCare Format Recovery v2.0-Free until June 16 2010

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Those who want a full version of iCare Data Recovery Software (which includes several modules including Format Recovery) can go here for the download and registration code.

Note: I am aware the site indicates this offer expired on July 15th, but I am telling you that it still works.

-sajman99 (August 20, 2010, 11:59 AM)
--- End quote ---

Avira AntiVir doesnt like that page (I've been burnt lately so I'm extra careful at the moment)

Hmmm...that's strange. :o  I have Avira AntiVir Personal and it doesn't indicate any problem here.

tomos, do you have the paid version with active webguard? Or have you increased the "heuristics" and/or "threat categories" settings?

I'm reasonably certain there's no issue with the software, but if anyone knows otherwise please tell. :tellme:


Firefox > VTzilla Firefox Plugin > Scan... ( scan file / link / site! )

You will need to first sign up for an account, and install the add-on: > the "Browser Addons"-tab

Also, I checked the iCare Giveaway URL at LinkScanner Online. No exploits detected there.

Then I checked WOT online to see if there are any issues with the iCare site's reputation.
No issues detected--green lighted in the sub-categories trusworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety.



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