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Revisiting disc catalogers - is Cathy still the best?


I tried all the free and shareware ones a while back and finally ended up using Cathy. But it does lack a few things that I'd like such as -

- find as you type
- categories (so I can have a separate one for external disks, laptop, pc)
- storing additional data (thumbnails, movie info etc) via plugins and search over this data

But any replacement must have the things I love about Cathy -

- fast!
- small and portable (I have my cathy folder synced using dropbox and its wonderful)
- built in duplicates search
- no frills, stable, gets the job done
- freeware (not a must but preferable)

Since it hasn't been updated in a while, I'm wondering if there's something else out there.

I still use it, so for me it is still the best!
I only miss text files preview (first lines at least).

If you don't mind spending some bucks, go with WhereIsIt! There is nothing better! You can disable the plugins and make it as fast as Cathy, or enable just the ones you need.

Same here, I still use Cathy (though not nearly as much as I used to).

Just about every other disc cataloger looks better than Cathy's minimalist design. BUT for its simplicity, size, speed, and portability, Cathy reigns supreme IMO.


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