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Dropbox and Evernote problem

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Could a geek tell me why my computer "crashes" instead of going into "standby mode" whenever Dropbox or Evernote desktop apps are running?

When i click on standby, the computer shuts down (thus crashing) instead.

Does the fact that i use SystemMechanic have anything to do with this?
Perhaps it disables a Windows feature that should be running which would allow Evernote or Dropbox to run without issues.
But which feature is being disabled is beyond my understanding...

People have posted at Evernote's forum to no avail.

-Windows 7 basic edition.

Let me recommend this basic troubleshooting step:
Uninstall (temporarily) Dropbox and try to use 'standby'.
Then uninstall (or perhaps you can disable) Evernote and try to use 'standby'
It would be helpful to verify, without a doubt, that one of these is the cause of your problem - and to know which one.

I know Dropbox can be easily reinstalled with no effect on your data.  I am unfamiliar with Evernote and you may need to backup the data that application has created in order to restore it when you reinstall.


I beg your pardon, but when either program is closed (not running in background), i don't have the "standby mode" issue at all!  :(

It still would be helpful for troubleshooting, especially as you say *either*.  It could also be the installation of one or the other that's causing the problem, and this would uncover that also.  I run both, on my tablet and my laptop, and have no problem with either.

Thanks for insisting wraith808.

Well, i un-installed Evernote and with Dropbox running, i couldn't go into "standby mode" at all (something it did before).
So, i uninstalled Dropbox too and rebooted.

Installed Evernote once more, had it running with no problems going into or coming out of standby mode.
So, i then decided to try latest Dropbox "experimental" from Betanews and it seems to be doing fne so far.
In fact, with both running, no problems.
What gives?  :huh:
I can't figure this one out.
Besides, i have better things to do than to trouble the good folks here.
Guess i'll have to mozy on down to Dropbox and Evernote forums to let users who have similar issues know that it could be a conflict between these two programs or others too right? I also have Windows Essential Sync and other programs like FARR running.


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