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I just completed a review post of fSekrit at What's On My PC... 

One of my readers ran fSekrit against VirusTotal [ HERE ]

We want to confirm that this is a "false positive"...

Hi Ramblinrick, welcome to the site!

Even though this is your first post, your blog has been mentioned before on DC  :up:

It's definitely a false positive, and fsekrit is harmless.

You can tell actually just by looking at the "Result" column which specify the name of the malware "suepected"; the flagged entries say "suspicious" or "generic", which is anitivirus-speak for "false positive".

when an antivirus tells you it found a "suspicious" file or a "generic" malware, those are weasel words and they cause much more harm than good.  we've written at length about how harmful such lazy practices are by antivirus companies, and even proposed a few things we might do to try and stop them from engaging in this obnoxious behavior.


I figured, as much!  I have been using fSekrit for a long time and just wanted confirmation from you all in the event this question is asked again. It has been amazing the hits I've been getting on it on the blog for fSekrit.  Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the mention :)

And yes, there definitely shouldn't be any malware in fSekrit - false positives are pretty darn annoying.


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