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Option to use constant name in temp or set different temp folder?



First I like to thank for fsekrit, I really like it. :)

But I cannot use it any more, because I use AppLocker now. :(

When fsekrit start, it seems that it copy code to %temp% with name FSEKRIT-????.EXE where ???? part changing every time. Because of that changing part I cannot make AppLocker -rule for fsekrit (running in temp is prevented in that standard account I use my everyday use).

So could Fsekrit have option to use constant and same name in %temp% folder? Or maybe option to set different temp -folder so I can give that folder permission to execution?

I think I understand what you are asking.

I too have the same issue with the Defense+ component of Comodo Firewall. It is impossible to build a rule to allow fsekrit to access the temp files it reequires since the exe file is given a new randomly generated name each time.

As such I have to uncheck two boxes and click both when the program loads, and when it exits.

Not sure what the solution is, since I assume the random file name is done for security reasons.

Well, in my case solution could be very easy: possibility to set custom temp-folder for fsekrit.

That is because AppLocker approve *-wildcard in path like this c:\somepath\* (but not like c:\somepath\fsekrit-*). So setting up own temp-folder to fsekrit and give permissions to it could be simplest solution for me :)

Is it only %TEMP% that's protected in this way by AppLocker? In that case, perhaps it's possible for you to run fSekrit in portable mode (see 1.40 release notes) as a workaround.

Because of the way fSekrit works, it has to make this temporary copy of itself - using a constant name would work, but would prevent multiple open notes. There's some possible workarounds for that, but it wouldn't be super pretty :)

If it's of any help, I could add a registry setting to override %TEMP% in the next version, so you don't have to use portable mode.

Thank you! I can find my way with fSekrit.portable :)


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