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IDEA: Program to copy files referenced in a WMP playlist to another location

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... find a program to copy the music files in my daughters Windows Media Player 10 playlist (.wpl file) to another directory while maintaining the original folder structure.  AV Media Copy from does something similar ...-JeffK (February 09, 2006, 05:18 AM)
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-excellent program!  :up:

It hasn't been updated for more than five years, (yes, this is a very old thread), but I had no problem at all, installing and using it on Vista. The GUI is logic, the procedure easy, and the copying is fast. Of course it can handle several playlist file types, including M3U playlists, not just WPL. The organization of the new folders were not important to me, so I just unchecked that option, and all 372 files from my playlist were soon gathered in a new folder.

a better link:
The msi installation file is merely 428 Kb

This little program made my day. Thanks for telling, JeffK   :up:
One micro detail: The folder order is of course not AlbumArtist\Artist, but AlbumArtist\Album


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