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Windows 7 Modal Dialogs - Aero Glass problem

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thanks for the videos joby..
but i just realized that these tricks may not work with SC trying to grab itself :)

Can you try grabbing some other application active windows?

OK. FC settings window, the settings for SC are the ones from your last screenshot.

so on the FC settings window even when you set that black and white delay to huge it still cuts it off like that?
can you send me a video of that?

and does this bad behavior also happen on non-modal windows? i can imagine this happening on a modal window which has the application main window behind it -- if this is how you are capturing them -- can you try capturing with top of the modal dialog not overlapping the main application window?

delay black+white... = 2000

1. modal window

2. modal window not overlapping main window (looks much better)

3. normal window

2. modal window not overlapping main window (looks much better)
--- End quote ---

ok so now we have a clue.


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