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Windows 7 Modal Dialogs - Aero Glass problem

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can you try changing that 200 to a 0 and see if it fixes the problem where the Screenshot Captor dialog is trimmed too much?

Weird results (I only changed that 200 value to 0)!

it seems like maybe its not having enough time to refresh.. im going to add an option to slow down the aero capture process and ask you guys to test that.  at least it will give us a clue.
stay tuned.

Can you guys install this beta:

Then go into the "Windows Capturing 1" tab in options and set the new "Delay btw. black+white" option to something high like 1000.

Hopefully that will fix the problem, but if not, at least it may give you a chance to visually see on screen what it going wrong.

Tried this latest beta. You have to see it to believe it. I don't understand...

Here I used the right click tray icon/grab active window method:

Here I used my shortcut keys (ctrl+shift+A):


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