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an alias to search forums from farr


add the following alias:

REGEX: dc (.*)
RESULT: dc forum search for $$1 |;search=$$1

see screenshot for more help:

. . . and if you add these lines to the results:

--- ---Recent Posts |
New Replies |
Unread Posts |;all
Specials |
You'll have quick access to a few more critical dcforum features.

This sure is a nice proposition!
But i think the regex should be: ^dc[ ]*(.*)
So as 'dc' is only matched at the beginning of the line, and you can have access to the "critical dcforum features" without having to type the space after dc (i.e. "dc ")
Good idea you both had!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

could point, i always forget that.  nice addition allen.  adding both suggestions to my list.


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