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UNFINISHED: Upload files listed in text file

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I've tried tons of different google searches but I can't find anyone that's tried this so here goes.

I would like a script that would read a text/xml file with content like this:


and upload via FTP the listed files from a set folder.
Possible?   ;)

Sounds like somthing you could do with Windows command line FTP

I've checked a couple of the Gui type ftp like FileZilla that I use, and they are designed mainly to drag & drop files onto a cue.  But many file managers have ftp client built in now. You could check them out.  I know for sure FreeCommander does but I think it's a popular file manager feature now.

Do the files change often?  If not, you can do this easily via commandline FTP's built-in scripting (as MilesAhead mentioned).  There are MANY websites detailing this.  Here's one:

If you need something more custom written, let me know.

Yes, it's basically an xml file that changes daily.  It identifies jpgs to look for, and I'd like to upload only the files listed in that xml file.  So yes the images listed would change daily.

Would you mind PM'ing me a sample of that XML file, please?


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