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Board Game Review Site Roundup

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As some of you know I've caught the board game bug.  More than playing them I enjoy reading about them and thinking about the different mechanics and game design ideas.

I'd like to start a thread collecting various sites and blogs that review board games.  Here's a few to start us of -- fellow board game fans please add more.  I'll link directly to the sites or to DC threads about them:

* - All things boardgame site with tons of user reviews
* The Dice Tower (Tom Vassel Video Reviews) - One of the best known video review sites
* The Blog of Michael Mindes - Ramblings of a Board Game Publisher
* TheGameCrafter - Cool new site to help you make and sell indie board/card games, with reviews of indie games
* The Great Game Gate - Lots of game descriptions though not very opinionated
* Obessed Board Gamers - Nice long reviews with detailed rule discussion
* Board Games with Scott - Recently switched to a more academic format focusing on comparison of games with certain mechanics to great effect
* Drake's Flames - Good opinionated reviews
* Cracked LCD - good reviews
* BoardToDeath - The funniest review intros

I have found some great reviews on Funagain Games. (Tom Vassel was a contributor till the end of 2008)

The site also gives away $100 game grants to schools, libraries, community organizations, game groups, and US military personnel deployed overseas.

Most of the sites that sell games also have reviews of some extent, and I think (at least in the case of board games) that they know better than to shill their reviews.

Thought Hammer aggregates the reviews from their site, geekdo and, in the case of kid games, Kid Game Ratings.  Kid Game Ratings is a good source of ratings for kid friendly games.  I've been trying to get the family into board games since I've moved and don't have anyone local to play games with, and that's my source for reviews that let me know if they'll possibly like them. and are two resources for budding game designers also.

I won almost 80 board games (of various types).  { My wife and I are strange in that we don't watch TV.  Instead we spend our nights playing games }
Whenever I am considering the purchase of a game (fortunately, I am local to CoolStuff Games - the best prices on the Internet for games), I rely on the Board Game Geek.
It gets a high personal recommendation from me!


* Fortress: Ameritrash -
* RpgNet -


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