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FCalc: how to do algebra or ratios?

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I often have to do things like 20/200 = x/100 .    Or 10n = 100*2.

Does fcalc do these sorts of things?


Don't know the answer to your original question, but it ought to be possible to use the WolframAlpha computation engine, via FARR, to answer this sort of thing.

Perhaps someone cleverer than me can put a FARR alias / plugin together?

i think ampa has the right idea, and in fact lanux already made an alias for wolfram alpha, that you can download here:

if you're into widgets, the Wolfram Alpha website has a few of them built to specific queries.


hmm, thanks for the replys, guys, but neither works  :(

if you go to wolfram, 3n=10  the answer is 10/3 (ten over three).  Not too usefull ?
the PCalc apparently only likes the n by itself on one side of the = . 

I occasionally go a-googling for a calculator that will do algebra, and i've never found one.


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