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How to punish DonationCoder if you are angry at being nagged to donate

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I donated as a thank you to the excellent forums and community information rather than the programs itself. Reading the forums is what I have mostly benefitted from. In fact, I don't use any of the programs here regularly though I try them out whenever new versions are released.
-icekin (July 25, 2007, 07:34 AM)
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- this post could have been written by me ;-)


I just came across this on Fast Picture Viewer Pro's homepage:

"What happened to the free version?"
... , and most would give a few bucks (or more) to support the effort! At least, that was The Plan...

To make a long story short, it did not work. Web traffic did surge and people did love the codecs, but after 106,661 downloads from our server (and 117,738 hits on the post-install web page), only about 0.2% of the downloaders actually donated anything: one fifth of a percent of all users is a disappointing figure at best.
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I first found DC when I was looking for a clipboard utility and found Clipboard Help & Spell. I use it 20+ times a day every day. I got a freebie key and came back for another look and read mouser's ideology on donating and as soon as I could afford to (i am on a pension) I donated $10US about $13AUD. Donated the same amount during the donation drive and when I can I will donate again. The great programs, the help and support of the authors, second to none IMHO, the wealth of knowledge on the forums is what keeps me coming back and keeps me donating. Keep up the great work and a fantastic site. Brian :D :up: :-*


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