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Goodbye all, I'm out of here effective immediately

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LOL, this is seriously hilarious!

Mark may I say your stupidity and servility truly precedes you; I just gave up trying to understand why you are still getting bogged down with petty non-issues like these. Here's a guide for ya:

1. Get the f outta here and start somewhere else... commercially.
2. Start your own forum and support, unless you wanna be a disposable dog on a tether.
3. Do not associate your software, ever, with any kind of concept like "free" (as in freedom, beer or what not). Just f remove the GPL'd code and stop thinking about it, OK?

let's try to remain positive and helpful here.

Aight, on a positive note, Mark, think of popularity ensued by huge bandwidth usage as a BLESSING, think about it:

1. Even a powerful dedicate server with 3TB of traffic allowance costs less than $200/month these days, that requires less than one copy of CircleDock a day sold at $9.95. If you go for a VPS (which is less powerful but more than enough for CD site), you need to sell less than one copy in every four days at the above price.

2. Advertising is surely another way to go to make your time and effort worth the while. I've been wondering how hard have you been trying to not make dollars from your CD site with this kind of traffic stats? I know I have a site with less than one tenth of visitors in comparison and site pays for itself $20/day 7 days a week with me having to visit th url once a month to see if it's still up and running.

 :-\ :-\

Archon of Fate:

I feel greatly responsible for this entire situation, and I make my apologies to not only Markham, but all of the DC Community  :-[

-sgtevmckay (August 11, 2010, 12:23 PM)
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dont blame yourself for the situation... it is not your fault at all.
this seems to me like some misunderstanding, perhaps there is a way to salvage the situation...  :tellme:

I would also like to place a call for coders, with a full explanation of what a coder/programmer would be getting into. Bottom line everything clearly so that any future programmers will know what they are getting into and what is expected.

-sgtevmckay (August 11, 2010, 12:23 PM)
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im not a big programmer but i might be able to contribute

Archon of Fate:
One lesson I've (hopefully) learned: when in an upset state, don't make big decisions, and don't post stuff publicly. Take a few big steps bag and breathe deeply.
-f0dder (August 11, 2010, 12:57 PM)
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well said  :)


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