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Can't enter any text.

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This application does not appear to be working at all for me.  I have installed the latest version and have registered it with a lifetime license code.  My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate.  I am unable to cause any text to appear in the body of the application screen.  I have tried importing a .txt file, copying and pasting from Notepad and Word, and typing directly onto the screen, all to no avail.  Any suggestions?

Dave W

hi dave, let me see if i can help.  it should work fine and it does run on windows 7.

first, try maximizing the window to give yourself a large area to type in.
now type a few characters -- does the cursor advance as if invisible characters are being added?
if you hit ctrl+A does it look like it's selecting some invisible characters?
if so, use ctrl+A to select all of the characters and then choose the Font-> Font..Advanced menu option and try changing the font and color and choosing a smaller size maybe, see if that makes a difference.

OK, thanks.  Hitting ctrl+A displayed the text.  Now I have another question.  How do I set margins so that the text is not dwarfed when I save it?  I am trying to create custom icon (.ico) files, either by saving directly as such in your application, or by converting .png (or other format) files to .ico files in another application.  So far, all my attempts have resulted in text so minuscule it is indecipherable when I apply the icon to a folder, for example.  There is far too much "white" space around the text image.

Dave W

Hitting ctrl+A displayed the text.
--- End quote ---

that suggests that the problem is with the font color -- that the foreground color ended up same as background color.
so select the text with ctrl+a and change the font color and you should be ok.

How do I set margins so that the text is not dwarfed when I save it?
--- End quote ---

what you see is what you get in the program -- so if you want less whitespace, reduce the window size.  strange but true! :)

Well, thanks again, to both of you.  I now see the problem regarding the "invisible" text.  Makes sense, but I don't understand why the application gave that effect on initial startup.  Appears to be OK now though.  When I restart it and begin typing, I get the identical font as when I last closed it.  I can live with that.

Changing the window size worked.  I found I could customize the window size.  120x120 seems to work pretty well for what I want to do right now.


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