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mIRC 7.1 and Mircryption



Does mircryption support the new mIRC 7.1? Given that mIRC 7.1 uses Unicode for all input and output, I would imagine that mircryption does not support mIRC 7.1.

It appears that this project has been abandoned a long time ago, since it does not even claim to work with the previous version 6.35 - so does anyone have any experience running it with 7.1 or 6.35?

Thank you.

i haven't tried it with mirc 7 yet -- awaiting some reports.

mircryption hasn't been abandoned, it's just reached a "stable" state and i rarely add features any more, just an occasional update.

it works fine with all v6.x releases of mirc, and it should work with v7, but i await reports from mirc 7 users about whether there are any problems.  give it a try and let us know!

I apologize for my incorrect assumption that mircryption has been discontinued. It is only that there have not been any updates on the main webpage for years, there have been no new versions released for years, and the forum posts are not very recent either - plus the helpfile for mircryption states that it has only been tested with even older versions of mIRC, nothing recent.

I will give mircryption and mIRC 7.1 a try and report back with results - problem is that I do not know what the expected behavior is with version 6.14, 6.35, and 7.1 so I cannot spot whether there is a new problem...

there is an irc channel #mircryption on efnet; it's not very busy but it's a good place to come to test things.

based on testing in irc, mirc 7.1 seems to be working fine with mircryption.


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