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tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs.tcl problems..



--- ---I am unable to get tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs.tcl to work correctly. Ill explain more of whats going on after I describe my settings:

bottom of my eggdrop.conf file:
loadmodule blowfish
loadmodule uptime
source scripts/alltools.tcl
source scripts/action.fix.tcl
source scripts/tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs.tcl
source scripts/userinfo.tcl
source scripts/relay.tcl

tcleggdrop_mcps_sitesettings.ini file:

--- Code: Text ---putlog "McEggdrop TCL Helper Functions - settings file loaded."set mcpskey(#channel) "key"set mcpskey(#channel) "+OK"set mcpsprefix(defaultprefix) "+OK"set mcpskey(defaulte) ""set mcreplyonlyinkind "false"set mcreplyneverplaintext "true"set mcdontlistentoplaintext "silent"set mcmeowreply "true"set mcautomagic "true"set mcencryptnick "true"set mcmaxlinelen 440
I do not get any errors when starting the bot:

[03:06] McEggdrop TCL Helper Functions - settings file loaded.
[03:06] McEggdrop TCL Helper Functions v1.00.29 loaded (replyencrypt noplainreply meowreply automagicon noplainlistensilent).

I send the command, 'putallbots relay $text' .. this is sent from my hub bot, that does not have McEggdrop loaded into it.

In which $text contains an entire line of text. On the leaf bot, the one running McEggdrop i have this script loaded:

--- Code: Text ---bind pub - !testme test  proc test { nick uhost hand chan arg } {putquick "PRIVMSG #prefish :Hello $nick"}bind bot - "relay" relayproc relay { bot cmd text } {        putlog "text >> $text <<"        set section [lindex $text 0]; set name [lindex $text 1]        putquick "PRIVMSG #channel :$text"}
When i do !testme in any channel, the bot replies USING FISH "Hello jon8"

When using putallbots command from the hub, the bot does NOT send ANY text to #channel. It MUST BE NOTED that it does 'putlog' the text (first line after the relay procedure starts)[/code]

welcome to the site jon8.

the two things that jump out at me are:
set mcreplyneverplaintext "true"
set mcdontlistentoplaintext "silent"
--- End quote ---

the plaintext ignoring stuff is notoriously flakey, and i think i added comments in the settings file to not use them and to use the newer plaintext blocker.

but either way, best thing is to avoid all of these plaintext blocking functions and the standalone plaintext blocking script until the rest is working.

and do join #mircryption on efnet for more live help -- mircryption is a rare case where chatting online is easier to help sometimes.


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