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Five Reasons Why People Hate Apple

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You know, having at least one device running the latest OS from everyone with the exception of Linux (machine died about a year ago), as much as it grieves me to say this, nothing else is ready for prime time WRT tablets than iOS 4.x. Android *may* get there with Honeycomb and unfortunately, for now, that is where the competition is: Apple vs. Android. I have two Android tablets and they are fun. However, my father wants to buy my mother a tablet for her birthday and I cannot in good conscience recommend an Andriod 2.21. There's just too much variation in terms of stability and configuration for me to be confident that they would have a smooth, hassle-free experience. Honeycomb may change all that... Wish MS would get its act together - of iOS 4.2, WP7, and Android 2.21, WP7 is by far the nicest portable OS that I use. Of course, my wife is due to be getting a RIM Playbook later this year through work, so that may change things as well.

Anyway, rambling musings aside, Apple owns the tablet and PMP market because their devices are pretty much idiot proof. Android devices expose the idiot in all of us and MS isn't really in the market yet (does that make MS a pack of idiots?  ;D).

Bottom line: Apple is what I am grudgingly endorsing (it really kills me to say that!) for now - no learning curve and few pratfalls to worry about...

EDIT: typos..

Motorola Xoom is running Android 3:

Motorola Xoom is running Android 3:

-Edvard (March 09, 2011, 11:35 AM)
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Yes, but it's pricey and hardly widely available (won't even be available in Canada for another week). One of the factors that I was taking into account is how available these devices are to the average Joe going to a bricks and mortar store to buy something. There are perhaps three/four Android devices available in my small city: iPad, Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Viewsonic 7" tablet. That's it. The Viewsonic ONLY became available this week.

Like I said, Honeycomb (Android 3.0 - I should have been clear in my earlier post) may change everything but for now it is as rare as rocking horse shit and very few people have used on in the wild/reported on the experience, so it's largely an unknown quantity.

PS I did some checking - the Viewsonic available near me isn't - it's available on-line but not in-store - and it's specs are quite unimpressive (my 18 month or so old Archos 5IT has a faster, higher spec, more modern processor, for example).

Bottom line: Apple is what I am grudgingly endorsing (it really kills me to say that!) for now - no learning curve and few pratfalls to worry about...
-Darwin (March 09, 2011, 11:18 AM)
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If someone asked me for a recommendation for a tablet, I'd say wait a little while longer.

Apple do make some good hardware and software, but I can't recommend Apple to people I care about simple on principle due to their business practices.

Sure, Apple's trains may run on time, but good luck getting toilet paper when you need it!


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