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Five Reasons Why People Hate Apple

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Hmm... interesting, tomos, thank you for the insight (no pun intended!). I based my argument on my own observations (playing with iPhone/iPod Touch 4's and my own HTC Surround) and on comments I've read around the net. I've played with the iPad in the shops but have not yet had an opportunity to play with an Android tablet (though the Samsung Galaxy Tab is in shops around here, but then it has Super AMOLED)...

And with the jailbreaking option, the ipad is the most flexible and powerful tablet you can get right now.
-superboyac (December 06, 2010, 10:50 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'd be careful there. Even with a jail-broken iOS device, Android, bada (when it hits the tablet), and Windows 7 are going to be more flexible by far.

Apple has iOS itself locked down. Compared to the other mobile OSes out there, it's hamstrung. You can do a lot with it, but it's simply not nearly as flexible as the others.

Apple locks things out until it can come out with all the most profitable stuff by itself, then once they have the market sewn up, they *might* open things a bit. This is just their typical modus operandi with iOS.

On a side note, having looked into Retina displays, I believe that they really are better than AMOLED and Super AMOLED.

The companies behind the OSes have fundamentally different philosophies. Apple believes in opening up a few things. The others believe in restricting a few things. The upshot from Apple is that everything starts locked down or unavailable. i.e. "We'll let you do x, y, and z." On the other hand, you have the other guys saying, "We'd better lock this down because it could prove to be a potential security/privacy issue." It's a dictatorial vs. libertarian outlook.

If the CEOs or people in charge were historical figures, Steve Jobs would be Stalin while the others would be more like Ben Franklin (or similar).

Also it is too expensive...50% of money are brand and only other 50% are the quality


Thanks for the morning laugh.  ;D


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