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NANY 2011 Release: Auspex - a Windows Productivity App

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a global keyboard hoot
-timns (September 19, 2010, 03:44 PM)
--- End quote ---
You don't want feedback on that, do you?

Oh blast  ;D

It's not like the keys are even anywhere near each other.

Ok folks, there's a version in place. No help, documentation or Wizard (yet!) but I'm interested to know what you make of the program when going in 'cold' (for all I know, you may come up with some new clever way of using it)

But, to get started, click the 'New' button and set up a test entry to get the feel  of the  program. Try something like this:

Then  go into  (say) notepad,  and type mfat<return> and  the rest should happen automatically,  and I  hope you'll get the idea

After you  leave the program running for a while it will start to pick up on the words you  are using frequently, and suggest them as you  type. Also of course, the assumption is you  will key in frequently used phrases as little acronyms or mnemonics and use them as you go. I  have to say I actually feel quite lost when the program is not running now. I keep sending emails with 'tt' at the bottom where I expect Auspex to make the replacement to 'Thanks, Tim'  :-\

Of course at this point there are so many little issues, but some of the things I know about already are as follows:

1. alt+tab gets blocked at the moment
2. spaces sometimes appear as double spaces when you're typing fast (actually I think this is fixed in build 8.)
3. the program only starts to  work  after you have activated its main form one time.
4. new entries don't seem to work until you re-start the program (to be checked)

Good luck! At some point soon there will  be a dedicated site to visit where you  can post ideas,  issues,  suggestions etc.

Perry Mowbray:
I'm at work, where often thing are blocked and don't work, but I get the following with
NANY 2011 Release: Auspex - a Windows Productivity App

Whoa! Ok well now the fun begins. Certainly I suspect you will need admin rights, since the first thing the program does is install a hook. [Note to cranioscopical: the hooter is optional at this point]

There's also a little timer that runs - is the dialog appearing fast, or maybe every couple of seconds?

UPDATE: I think this is fixed. Please try build 10 if you get a chance?


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