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NANY 2011 Release: Auspex - a Windows Productivity App

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No it doesn't do anything yet, but you CAN add predefined text by just keying it in. In the wiki you can see what we have already. You can also reference your own existing predefines - just use the mnemonic field, wrapped in % chars

In the example below, my 'Nest Test' pulls in 2 other replacements that I have set up: address and phone number, whose mnemonics are 150 and 250 respectively.

This is very useful. In my case I use it to build up URL's from shorter building blocks. If any part of the URL needs to change, I can modify one replacement and all the references are automatically updated too.

Build 16 uploaded. Actually it may be 17  :-[

Minor improvements, should be a little smoother.

: The calculator is working for most simple expressions

: You can now create sub-folders in the tree

Extensive additions to the wiki

Perry Mowbray:
I don't think it likes living with Clipboard Help+Spell  :(

Keeps complaining that the Clipboard is locked...

Perry Mowbray:

Have you thought about an auto learn feature? eg all words typed longer than the standard setting are automatically added to an Auto-AutoComplete folder during normal typing... this would be like intellisense.

On close those items are deleted... or alternatively can be moved to a different folder.

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Er, actually, it does that already. It's not configurable yet, but at the moment any words 6 chars or longer that you use 3 times will start to appear as a suggestion. You don't seem them appear in the tree until next time you start, which is something I'll fix. If you try that, and words are not appearing for you, do let me know!

-timns (September 22, 2010, 10:18 AM)
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Actually... I did notice entries popping up without me remembering... and I thought I mind was having issues...  :D

I'm still having clipboard problems (even after quitting CHS):

You've got two download links (different versions) in the first post :)


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